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Aplastic Anemia Remembering Victoria

Remembering Victoria!

A very proud mommy of two adorable little boys, Victoria was only 23 when she began her courageous battle against Aplastic Anemia and Graft-versus-Host Disease. The tortuous storm abruptly ended nearly five years later.

While she was far too young to even think of having a bucket list, she did. Victoria wanted to finish her schooling in nursing to help others. She wanted to send her boys to the same Catholic schooling she attended. She wanted her boys to have the same wonderful childhood she had, especially with the camping and hiking through the trails. She wanted to go on a family trip to the historial sites in the southeastern part of the United States, the Grand Canyon, to the Pacific and to Washington D. C. For the last few years of her life, she had a goal to get well enough to take her boys to Disney for Christmas.

Her faith was stronger and more resilient than most. She was an amazing mother, who put her boys first in every aspect of her life. She was an amazing sister who loved her brother and sister with all her heart. And she was an amazing daughter who taught her mother more about living, loving, and faith in the Lord.