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Aplastic Anemia Donation Jar Theft

Donation Jar Pick-up Notice

Collecting businesses have announced that they will be keeping a scrutinizing eye on the donation jars for any wrong doing, they all run surveillence cameras, and they will cooperate with the police fully. Pick-up's will be made daily.


The Oshkosh Police Department has referred a 34-year old woman from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to the Winnebago County District Attorney on charges of theft: taking and carrying away the property of another with the intent to permanently deprive that owner of the property.

The woman turned herself into the Oshkosh Police on Monday, November 23, 2009, and was arrested. If the thief had been previously convicted of a felony or misdemeanor crime of trespass, theft, possession of burglary items, unauthorized release of animals or wire fraud, the charge will be a felony offense; otherwise, it will be a Class A Misdemeanor. The penalty for a Class A Misdemeanor can include a fine of up to $10,000, jail time for up to 9 months, or both. A repeat offender can be sentenced to two additional years of imprisonment. (A Felony is any offense for which the sentence can be for one or more years in a state prison; all other crimes are Misdeameanors.

The Winnebago Circuit Court will be petitioned to order full restitution.

Oshkosh Wisconsin Plainview Plaza

On November 23, 2009, an unidentified women stole a donation jar from the Plainview Plaza while a surveillance camera watched. Immediately upon finding the contribution jar missing, the store owner contacted the Oshkosh Police Department who took the report and immediately contacted the press officer.

Surveillance Tapes

Oshkosh Police have released the surveillance tape showing the woman who stole a donation jar from the cashier counter at the Plainview Plaza in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Fox 11, WLUK-TV, has published the surveillance tape of the woman being denied the ability to pay for a package of cigarettes with a check, and leaving with the donation jar under her arm.

CBS 5, WFRV-TV has published the video of the donation jar theft, along with a plea from the Oshkosh Police Department to call them with any information.

Oshkosh Police Department: (920) 236-5700 publishes the video asking for tips and leads to identify the woman who stole the donation jar.

ABC Action News, WBAY, publishes video of woman stealing the donation jar and the plea from the Oshkosh Police Department to help find her. Oshkosh police officer discusses the video.

The donation jars, and the prayers behind them, are a more than welcomed and needed source of inspiration and help to Victoria.

When one of those jars was stolen from the Plainview Truck Stop, the owner contacted Victoria's grandmother (whose name appeared on the jar). Victoria's grandmother dredded telling Victoria about the thief's disregard.

Victoria and her sister were in shock to think that someone would take from someone who needs it so much. Victoria commented that the thief must have thought that she needed more.

Victoria's donor, her brother Nicholas, who had previously been a trucker and knew his fellow comrades would give from their hearts, was angered and knew it would not have been one of the truckers but rather someone from outside the area. He added that it was obvious she wasn't local; she tried to write a check, and everyone knows that Plainview does not accept checks.

Victoria told the press, "She can, and knows she should return it, even if anonymously."

The Oshkosh Police Department wants to convey to all that these types of actions are criminal behavior. If they do it once, they'll do it again. They will not accept criminal behavior at any time, regardless of the circumstances. Here, it was worsened by the fact that the thief stole donations.

NorthWestern covers the story, and asks for leads to recover the stolen donation jar.

AOL & Yahoo post the theif's video and photo asking for help in finding the thief.

As Dirk Binnema, Cashier at the Plainview Travel Plaza said, "... don't steal from the people who really need it. Help is the only thing they have."