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Aplastic AnemiaReza Needs A Bone Marrow Donor Now

Reza Needs A Bone Marrow Transplant NowReza Price has Aplastic Anemia and he needs your help now.

Time is running out for Reza.

This just can't wait until tomorrow.


A donation of bone marrow or blood from an umbibical cord can save Reza's life. It doesn't matter if your blood types are the same; in fact, Reza's blood type will change to yours afterwards if the types are different. It's easy to be tested; it is just a blood draw! And donating an umbibical cord is easy, too; just contact the National Marrow Donor Program.

To be tested quickly for Reza, just tell the registry that you want to be tested for donation to Reza Price. If you don't match Reza, you can always choose whether to remain a member and be an anonymous matched donor to someone else who needs bone marrow to save their life.

donate umbibical blood stem cells

Be his Match!

If you are pregnant, please consider donating your baby's cord and cord blood, if you are not banking it. (Banking info). To donate your baby's cord blood, please contact the National Marrow Donor Program. In 2009, they faciliated more than 4,800 marrow and cord blood trnasplants for patients who did not have matched donors. Visit

The greatest hope of finding a match for Reza may well be from cord donations. Children usually require two cords; Reza would need two.

Becoming a Bone Marrow Donor

Be his Match!

Becoming a bone marrow donor is easy. A simple blood draw will start the process to determine whether you will be a match for Reza. Those tests are usually back within days. If you are a match, further tests will be done to ensure that your blood sufficiently matches Reza's. If it does, the bone marrow transplant date will be set. If it does not, then you may want to consider being an anonymous donor to someone else.

The phrase 'bone marrow donation' is somewhat misleading. The more accurate term would be 'blood stem cells' because it is actually the blood stem cells that are transplanted.

Blood stem cells are located throughout your body and within your blood stream, with the majority within your bone marrow particularly in the long femur bone, hip & pelvic bone and breast bones.

When the blood stem cells are taken from you, it is called a harvest. The doctors harvest blood stem cells from you for transplant into the patient via an IV that looks just like they are receiving a blood transfusion.

There are two basic forms of harvests. The preferred method is to withdraw them from your marrow while you are sedated. The withdrawal would be done from your hip bones, but you wouldn't feel it at all.

A secondary method involves taking the blood stem cells out of the blood that flows through your bloodstream. In that case, you would be given a drug for some time prior to the harvest that would cause more blood stem cells to be produced in your system and to circulate in your blood stream. This latter method is less invasive, produces less stem cells and is not quite as effective as a harvest taken directly from the marrow.

Prior to the harvest, you may be offered the option of having your blood drawn and stored. The reason for this is so that you can have your own blood infused back into you after the harvest to restore the blood withdrawn durign the harvest. The amount taken for the harvest will be a substantial but very safe amount.

About Reza

Every day has been a precious, precious gift to Reza & his family as they have waited patiently for a bone marrow donor who could bring Reza new life.

Every possible treatment has been tried to help Reza, but to no avail. The only answer left for him is a bone marrow transplant. Blood type doesn't matter; rather, it is a match of proteins on blood cells that determines whether a person can be Reza's donor. The test to determine if you might be a match is a simple blood draw that can be done at any clinic, Red Cross center, blood donor center or doctor's office.

Reza's diagnosis was shocking & severe

Over two years ago, Reza and his family's world turned upside down. It was just one week after his 11th birthday in September 2008 when Reza and his family were on their way home from shopping.

Reza and his sister were sitting in the back seat of their vehicle when his sister noticed that he was slumped over. At first, she thought he was joking, so she poked him but he didn't respond.

Reza was rushed to the hospital. Tests revealed that his platelet count was dangerously low.

Low platelets are one of the symptoms of Aplastic Anemia, a life-threatening bone marrow failure disease in which the bone marrow dies and therefore stops producing the necessary blood cells to sustain life.

Reza depends on blood transfusions for life

In Reza???s case, the situation has now become so severe, that he is completely reliant on blood transfusions, which he has to have at least twice a week.

Reza desperately needs a bone marrow transplant

For people who are diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia, one of the potential answers is to have a bone marrow transplant however, the bone marrow donor must be of a match that is near perfect.  Both Reza's siblings, as well as his parents and most of his close relatives have been tested, but unfortunately none of them are a match for Reza.

American Donors from USA:

In the USA, you can contact the National Marrow Donor Program ( to be tested.

African donors From Africa:

The Sunflower Fund recruits potential bone marrow stem cell donors to help patients like Reza and many others searching for a life saving match. By phoning the toll free number 0800 12 10 82 or by visiting the website interested people can be informed of the process of becoming a donor.  Your joining the South African Bone Marrow Registry could be Reza's or some else's chance of life.

Reza Is A Fine Young Man

When you meet Reza, you meet a young man whose character far belies his 13 years.  He says he really misses not being able to enjoy a good game of cricket or soccer with his friends, and because of his illness, he has had to stay away from parties and gatherings.  He can't risk compromising his immune system and get infection in any way. He also has to be extremely careful of physical contact because of his low platelet count.

In The Arms Of An Angel